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本文摘要:You are essentially trying to balance what has been a year of intense media interest and obviously one hopes consumer interest in VR as a category...with the fact that this is a very new kind of product interaction, Mr House says. 一年来媒体对VR


You are essentially trying to balance what has been a year of intense media interest and obviously one hopes consumer interest in VR as a category...with the fact that this is a very new kind of product interaction, Mr House says. 一年来媒体对VR技术十分感兴趣,似乎我们也期望消费者对VR这类产品感兴趣……然而这也是一类十分新的对话产品,所以基本上你得希望综合考虑到这两方面的因素。This is actually something you wear on your head in order to have these experiences.豪斯回应,这种产品是你得知道戴着到头上才能体验的。Much of the industry’s focus so far has been on making sure headsets are comfortable and accessible enough for normal consumers, not just video game enthusiasts.到目前为止,该行业的关注点在相当大程度上是保证头盔配戴一起充足舒适度、充足更容易上手——不仅是对视频游戏爱好者、对普通消费者而言也是如此。

谷歌79美元的Daydream View主要由纺织面料做成,这让它的重量比Gear VR重将近三分之一。It’s one of those things that maybe in retrospect seems kind of obvious, says Clay Bavor, Google’s head of VR.谷歌VR主管克莱巴沃尔(Clay Bavor)回应:这一点我们以后回过头来看也许不会实在是明摆着的。It is how comfortable sleep masks and ski masks are built. 配戴舒适度的睡眠中眼罩和滑雪面罩就是用的这种面料。

You don’t start with the same stuff that your VCR is made out of.用VCR的那种材质来造VR头盔显然权宜之计。He adds that fabric design, alongside tuning the Android software and display in its new Pixel smartphone for VR, will enable people to spend longer in VR than in Google’s previous effort, the low-cost Cardboard viewer.他补足称之为,使用纺织面料的设计,再行再加在谷歌近期的Pixel智能手机中对安卓软件以及表明展开调整以兼容VR,将让人们在VR世界中停留的时间需要多达谷歌之前的一款低价产品——Cardboard头盔。


Yet Mr Bavor warns: It’s going to take years and years and years for the technology to fully mature and for the content to get there.然而,巴沃尔警告称之为:要想要这项技术几乎成熟期、能用的内容几乎跟上,还必须很多很多年。Analysts agree that any company involved in VR is likely to be in an investment phase for some time.分析师们表示同意这一观点:任何一家投身于VR的公司都有可能在较长一段时间里正处于投放阶段。

It’s just not a mainstream technology at the moment, says Ben Wood of CCS Insight. It doesn’t look right, the experience isn’t good enough, it’s expensive. 非常简单说道,就目前而言这还不是一项主流技术,CCS Insight的本伍德(Ben Wood)回应,它的外观看上去不顺眼,体验也过于好,而且价格昂贵。But the potential is unlimited, which is why so many people are chasing the rainbow.但它潜力无限,这就是为什么这么多人在不顾一切地转入该领域的原因。Even some people working in the VR industry worry that it may be seen as a novelty, rather than something that becomes as widespread as a games console or smartphone. 甚至一些VR业内人士也担忧,它有可能被视作一种新奇玩意,而不是一种不会像游戏机或智能手机那样普及出去的产品。Maureen Fan, chief executive of Baobab Studios, the developer behind VR animation Invasion!, predicts a long bumpy ride.研发VR动画短片《侵略》(Invasion!)的Baobab Studios的首席执行官Maureen Fan预测,VR将经历漫长而崎岖不平的发展历程。

There needs to be more content out there for VR to become really huge. VR要想要确实顺利,必须有更加多内容制作出来。We are trying to fulfil that need as quickly as possible, she says. When the novelty wears off, the thing that still matters is story and characters.我们于是以希望尽早符合这种拒绝,她回应,一旦新鲜感消失,依然最重要的因素还是故事和角色。At this week’s developer event, Oculus showed off social networking inside VR as a way to attract more consumers. 在本周的开发者大会上,Oculus展出了VR内的社交网络对话,作为更有更加多消费者的一种方式。

Mr Zuckerberg took a selfie of his avatar with a 360-degree photo of his dog, alongside a video call from his wife, to illustrate what social experiences might look like in VR.为展出VR中的社交互动体验有可能是什么样的,扎克伯格为自己的虚拟化身(avatar)、实景中他的狗、以及他妻子打电话的视频电话窗口拍电影了一张自拍照。Facebook’s existing apps can also help build awareness of VR. Facebook现有的应用于也能协助人们创建对VR的了解。

Nate Mitchell, vice-president of product for Oculus, says he hopes being able to plug directly into the Facebook news feed, which has 1.7bn monthly active users, will help bring virtual reality to a wider audience.Oculus产品副总裁纳特米切尔(Nate Mitchell)回应,他期望必要终端Facebook的新闻启动时(享有17亿月度活跃用户)将有助让更加多人了解VR。One of the things that is challenging is showing people ‘what is VR?’ This will help kindle that enthusiasm, he says.一个具备挑战性的问题是向人们展出‘什么是VR’?这将协助引发人们的热情。他回应。


Mr Mitchell adds Oculus apps have expanded beyond blockbuster games full of explosions to display content that appeals to a far more diverse audience, from education and art to karaoke. 米切尔补足称之为,Oculus应用于已不局限于剩是发生爆炸场面的疯狂游戏,开始展出更有有所不同类型观众的内容——从教育、艺术到卡拉OK。Oculus is investing $500m in content developers to ensure a steady pipeline of new VR games and apps.Oculus将在内容开发者身上投放5亿美元,以保证有新的VR游戏和应用于源源不断地发售。

Overall we are still investing more than we are generating profit, at a high level. 他回应:总的来说,我们的投资仍大大多达利润。It’s still early days. 现在还正处于初期阶段。There are still a lot of hardware and software innovations that have to happen, he says.未来还必须经常出现大量硬件和软件创意。

Given the huge scale of Facebook’s internet business, it’s going to be a while before we get to the place where we are this massive profit generator for Oculus’s parent, Mr Mitchell says, while adding: This Christmas is by no means make or break for Rift. 米切尔回应,鉴于Facebook互联网业务的可观规模,Oculus要为母公司建构极大利润尚需时日,同时他补足道,今年的圣诞节决不是一个要求Rift胜败的时刻。But we are set up to have an incredible holiday season.但我们已作好打算庆贺一个火热的假日季。