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本文摘要:Wal-Mart: Pay workers more沃尔玛:给员工涨薪In 2013, Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) found itself at the center of the debate about raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to figures as high as $15. The government has not raised the wage fl


Wal-Mart: Pay workers more沃尔玛:给员工涨薪In 2013, Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) found itself at the center of the debate about raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to figures as high as $15. The government has not raised the wage floor since 2009, and many full-time minimum wage workers find themselves living below the poverty threshold. As the largest private employer in the U.S., the retail chain employs 1.3 million Americans, and many of them earn less than $25, 000 per year. Conventional wisdom may say that increasing worker wages would hurt Wal-Marts bottom line, but a Fortune analysis discovered that this is simply not the case.2013年,美国联邦政府将最低工资从每小时7.25美元提升到了15美元,引起了一场普遍的辩论,而沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)则正处于这个话题的漩涡中心。自2009年起,政府就很久没提升过工资上限,而许多拿着最低工资的员工发现自己早已生活在了贫困线以下。沃尔玛是美国仅次于的私营雇员,雇用了130万名美国人,而他们当中有许多人的收益在每年2.5万美元以下。传统观点或许指出,减少员工薪水不会造成沃尔玛利润减少,不过《财富》的分析找到事实并非如此。

Abercrombie Fitch: Keep CEO Mike Jeffries quietA F:管好CEO的嘴巴After a banner year of negative press for discriminatory comments against larger shoppers and not-so-cool customers, Mike Jeffries is staying on as Abercrombie Fitchs chief executive. Investors desperately wanted him to leave given the companys tanking stock, but the teen retailer has decided to stay the course with Jeffries at the helm. This meansAbercrombie (ANF) is willing to take the risk of dealing with more outlandish comments from its chief executive. Our advice is simple: Keep him away from the microphone.由于针对体型偏高的顾客和“过于时髦”的顾客公开发表了歧视性言论,迈克?杰弗里斯这一年受到了如潮的恶评,但他并没毁掉Abercrombie Fitch服装公司首席执行官的方位。鉴于公司股票展现出差劲,投资者拚命想要让他辞职,但这家面向青少年的零售商还是要求让他复职。这意味著Abercrombie Fitch不愿分担这位高管满嘴跑火车的风险。我们的建议很非常简单:让他靠近麦克风吧。

Apple: Cut the hyperbole苹果:较少说大话Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) would do well to eliminate from its vocabulary all the over-hyped, non-factual puffery that has been part of its lexicon since the Steve Jobs era. Apple products are: incredible, powerful, radical, innovative, amazing, and groundbreaking, to name just a few words chosen from recent company news releases. Apple, we get it. Youre awesome. We agree. Just describe your products to us for now. And when youre ready to release something that equals the iPod, iPhone, or iPad, then it will be time to trot out the adjectives again. --Adam Lashinsky如果苹果(Apple )能从乔布斯时代承传下来的词典里去除那些过分抹黑而且相符事实的撒谎之言,那就太棒了。苹果的产品无与伦比,性能强大,卓尔不凡,创新十足,令人惊叹,别具一格——这些只是从这家公司最近的产品新闻中摘出的一部分词汇而已。苹果,我们告诉,你显然有趣,我们表示同意。

不过目前,你把产品全然地叙述一下就可以了。等你准备好公布和iPod、iPhone或iPad同一级别的产品时,再行把这些形容词搬出来用吧。——亚当?拉辛斯凯J.C. Penney: Get back to basicsJ.C. Penney:重返本原Named by Fortunes Allan Sloan as one of the biggest turkeys of 2013, J.C. Penney (JCP, Fortune 500) leaves 2013 with hardly any noteworthy successes. Former Apple exec Ron Johnson took over in 2012 as CEO of the retailer and tried to make it trendy by drastically changing its brand. The plan backfired, and the retailer lost some of its loyal customer base as a result. Moving into 2014, we suggest the retailer gets back to basics and continues to try to earn back the trust it lost last year.《财富》的阿伦?斯隆将服装连锁店J.C. Penney选为2013年度运营最告终的公司之一。

它一年来完全没夺得过任何有一点注目的顺利。前苹果高管罗恩?约翰逊在2012年接替了这家零售商的首席执行官,企图彻底改变这个品牌,让它显得时尚。惜事与愿违,此举最后造成公司丧失了一部分心目中客户。时间转入2014年,我们建议J.C. Penney重返本原,试着之后赢回去年丧失的信赖。

Twitter: Dont burden users with too many adsTwitter:增加广告After a largely successful initial public offering, Twitters (TWTR) investors are anxious for the social media platform to turn a decent profit. Without question, advertising in the form of promoted tweets will be a key component of the microblogging sites monetization strategy. But with Twitter still battling to convert its large base of inactive users into active ones, its important that the company does not isolate more users in 2014 with too many feed-cluttering ads.Twitter展开了一次顺利的首次公开发表IPO后,公司的投资者迫切地期望着这个社交媒体平台取得相当可观的利润。毫无疑问,以营销微博的形式打广告是微博类网站盈利战略中的最重要组成部分。

不过考虑到Twitter依然在希望把大量的非活跃用户群改变为活跃用户,不要让过于多杂乱的广告亲近用户也十分最重要。Lululemon: Keep your customers covered菈柠檬:别让顾客走光Lululemon (LULU) was stung in 2013 by an unfortunate yoga pant recall that made customers not only question the quality of the fitness retailers expensive products but also the integrity of its leadership team. Rather than take responsibility for selling a large quantity of see-through pants, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson said, some womens bodies just actually dont work with the brands clothes. Many customers interpreted this comment as Wilson blaming them for the product issues. As former TOMS presidentLaurent Potdevin takes over as CEO, we suggest he keep his customers completely covered -- no ifs, ands, or butts about it.菈柠檬(Lululemon)在2013年遭遇了困难,令人遗憾的瑜伽裤解任风波让顾客不仅开始批评这家健美服装公司的便宜产品的质量,还批评公司领导层的诚信。菈柠檬的创始人其弗?威尔森并没分担卖出大量回头光长裤的责任,反而说道:“一些女士的身材只是不合适”公司的产品。

许多顾客据此指出威尔森将产品问题归咎于他们。前任TOMS总裁劳伦兹?波德万前来接替首席执行官,我们建议他别让顾客再行内裤了——也别去找“如果”、“而且”或“但是”这类的借口。Coca-Cola: Step away from the soda可口可乐:靠近碳酸饮料Last year largely confirmed what Coke drinkers have feared for years: Soda (even diet soda) is most likely not good for your health. Some researchers now purport that artificial sweeteners may negatively affect the metabolism and lead people to gain weight. Roughly 60% of Coca-Colas (KO, Fortune 500) U.S. revenue comes from soda, but that may not be the case for very long as sales continue to plunge in America. In December, the president of Coca-Cola Americas decided to leave the company. A new team of leadership should spend a large part of 2014 creating new products that will keep an increasingly health-conscious customer base interested.去年,饼干的拥趸多年来惧怕的事在相当大程度上获得了证实:碳酸饮料(即便是无糖的)很有可能有利于身体健康。


去年12月,可口可乐美国分公司的总裁要求辞职。新的领导团队不会在2014年花大量时间研发需要让日益注目身体健康的顾客群感兴趣的新产品。Google: Work on Glass reputation谷歌:为谷歌眼镜的声誉而战Google Glass is one of the more exciting tech innovations of 2013, and fans are looking forward to testing it out next year. That said, Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) is still struggling to educate consumers about the capabilities of the technology. Many people remain wary of the device because of privacy concerns and a perception that the device is aform of invasive surveillance that is always capturing the world around it. The truth is Google Glass differs very minimally from a smartphone and the tech giant needs to make sure people know that.谷歌眼镜是2013年度最令人激动的技术创新之一,粉丝们翘首盼望着今年需要开始试用。